If you are one of the millions of pet owners across the country, then it’s safe to assume that they are the absolute centre of your world! 

A pet is a precious family member just like any human, which means that you always want to make them feel as happy, comfortable and safe as possible! 

Of course, there will be occasions throughout the year when you are away from home, whether through business or leisure, and before you go away one of the key concerns is making sure that you make arrangements for the care of your furry friends! 

Here at the Hunter Pet Motel, we offer a luxury experience, one that will give your peace of mind and provide your pet with a home away from home! 

Here is a little bit of information about the service that we provide at our boarding kennels in the Hunter Valley:

  • We are a family owned and operated pet motel based in Elderslie in the Hunter Valley, employing local staff who all have a genuine and sincere love for animals.
  • We boast both a cattery and a kennel for owners of cats and dogs, providing modern accommodation for your furry friends, complete with spacious areas for play and delicious meals for their tummies.
  • Aside from our ‘basic’ board and food services, we also offer a range of extras that you can choose to book for your pets. These include things like grooming and also extra one on one play time if you think that your pet would like some extra care and attention on a daily basis.
  • Regardless of these ‘extras’, what we can promise is that your pets will get all of the loving care and attention that they need during their stay with us.
  • We only hire local staff who have a real love and affection for animals, and who know how to interact with them and keep them calm and relaxed in an environment that isn’t their home.
  • We provide accommodation for cats and dogs of all sizes, there is no pet too big or too small to benefit from our loving care!
  • So, if you are in need of boarding kennels in Hunter Valley, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! 
  • We promise to make sure that your precious furry friend is looked after like royalty. We’ll treat them so well that they won’t want to leave!