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High Season rates apply from 17th December 2018 to 27th January 2019
Our Cattery
Our cattery is perfect when you go on vacation, have a business trip coming up or are moving house. Consider one of our rooms which is specially designed with cat behaviour and habits in mind.

At Hunter Pet Motel we are aware that your cat may stress due to a change of environment and food. We encourage you to bring your cat's favourite bedding or toy to help them settle in. 

Dining options and additional information are located below the room information.

Cattery Features 
  • Air conditioning (climate controlled)
  • Flat screen TV (day time only)
  • Music
  • Room service
  • Dry and wet food available
  • Meals provided morning and evening (as required)
  • Lounge chairs
  • Litter trays (minimum 1 per cat)
  • Scratching posts
  • Solid partition walls between rooms
  • Elevated positions
  • Plush beds
  • Blankets and pillows available upon request
  • Room configuration may change
Standard Rooms
Standard Rooms are suitable for short stays and hold one cat only. These rooms include all our features detailed above.

Size: 4.17 cubic metres
Deluxe Rooms
Our Deluxe Rooms can hold a maximum of two cats. These rooms come complete with a comfortable chair, scratching post and a number of levels for your cat to sit up high and watch the world go by. If your cats enjoy lazing around and sunning themselves, then this room is for them! Some rooms have a balcony where they can overlook the play time area, allowing them to watch the antics of their roommates from a private position.

Size: 4.95 cubic metres 

Size: 5.64 cubic metres (with Balcony)
Luxury Rooms
Luxury rooms are available in a number of floor plans. Each room is fitted with a lounge chair, scratching post, elevated platforms and other places for your cat to hide and play. Each room comes with full access to enclosed individual play areas, giving your cat a sense of freedom and privacy. Additional elevated platforms will allow your cat to laze around and enjoy the sun. These rooms are designed for longer stays and can hold a maximum of three cats (depending on the length of stay).

Size: from 7.64 cubic metres
Our Suites are the largest and most luxurious rooms we have available. They can hold multiple cats for a longer stay. The Suites are spacious with larger lounge chairs and pictures on the walls to make your cat feel at home. The rooms also have a number of higher level platforms for your cat to enjoy and explore. 

Size: from 16.2 cubic metres
At Hunter Pet Motel, we offer an extensive range of dining options for even the pickiest of eaters. This includes Proplan, Science Diet, Fancy Feast, Whiskas and other brands. At check-in you will be able to select choices from our menu which include fish, meat, poultry, casserole, jelly, sauce, etc. BBQ chicken and pet mince is available upon request.
Additional Information
  • Cats must arrive and depart in an appropriate travel box.
  • Cats must have a minimum of an F3 vaccination at least 14 days prior to boarding.
  • Room configurations may change during peak season.
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